New support for PHP 7.2

This past November 30 the final version of PHP 7.2 was published

With this release, the developers took one step closer towards a code transition by PHP, and the ease of implementing new code in this version has been improved.

Several functions have become obsolete as it seeks to integrate more advanced functions that allow greater performance in the execution of code.

Offering a better performance of version 7.2 in web applications, as we can see in some of the performance tests executed.

Score –

Running Time Test –


What makes this a valuable version of PHP for new projects and to improve the performance of websites and projects based on PHP, we consider that PHP, even though it is one of the oldest modern languages, is still the most widely implemented on the web and with greater support in the market. So in Software, IT & amp; Networks Ltd we took on the task of integrating PHP 7.2 into our hosting platform, allowing our customers to take advantage of the benefits of this new publication, and we invite you to keep your infrastructure updated.

We are at your service in any design and web hosting problems you want to solve.

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