In recent years the use of digital tools, programs and applications have become common and everyday tools facilitating our activities and operations whether for entertainment, personal use, or production and work activities.

However, regardless of the business model of the applications you use, being privative software, freeware, open source or libre software.

Updates are one of the key pieces for any application.

Nextcloud Founder

Whether it’s your computer’s operating system, your smartphone’s applications, production suites or protection software like antivirus, updates are an important part of your digital infrastructure since these,

  • Correct functional errors
  • Fix security flaws
  • They will introduce new functions (optionally)

This will make your infrastructure stable, efficient and safe during work hours and productivity.

Whether through a subscription payment or free of charge, it is important to have software that has support and ongoing development, since otherwise we maybe be at risk of being victims of potential digital attacks, or breakdowns putting our workflow at risk, or in the best case scenario only suffer a loss of time due to an error.

FLOSS systems, have an excellent updates system, in some cases some are simpler than others and most of the time free of charge, some other systems require more advanced techniques or contracts to receive and apply these updates, but in all of them is a task that is worth it.

From Software, IT & Networks Ltd , we invite our readers to keep their platforms and systems up-to-date, since it is often only a matter of a couple of minutes and that task could avoid problems and incidents that could cost valuable resources in your organization.

In case you are still in the process of choosing your platform, remember to ask yourself these questions:

  • How long have this product being on the market?
  • What is the cost of its implementation?
  • Are there options for receiving advice or technical support?

And finally and more important to close the cycle,

  • Is it still being develop?
    • Does it receive updates and security patches regularly?

With this in mind, your decision will be an informed one and you will have a better experience while using that platform or technology.

Remember that our services have a constant vigilance in updates and security patches, likewise you can count on us in case you require support in any update or intensive migration.

Keep your systems as you would keep your skills, updated .