Updates and progress

During the last months we were in a busy work season, which kept us developing and integrating new changes, patches and improvements in our supported platforms, which also kept us out of the spotlight for a good period of time.

For this reason in this entry we want to take the opportunity to comment on some of the changes that took place and let you know that we have not stopped proposing and contributing to our work.

Jibri streaming / recording

We started with the reintegration of Jibri, the component of recording and streaming of videoconferences, within the platforms with implementation support, which continues to receive major improvements in design by the main developer team.

We also took the opportunity to make substantial improvements in our update and maintenance software.

Full Search Text – Nextcloud

Another of the key projects within the platforms we support is Nextcloud and its various high-performance components such as the case of Full Text Search.

This is one of the components that its integration was pending, FTS would replace Nextant, its predecessor, which used as the main search engine Solr.

Now with the use of Elasticsearch and Read Only REST, we have a secure and cutting-edge engine that integrates correctly with this new FTS platform, which is the new standard for searching and indexing content, we thank TechAndMe for their collaboration and support to make possible the integration of these components within the official version of Nextcloud VM.

Silan for LibreTime

In the same way we are working on the integration of a new platform to our portfolio of supported projects, this being LibreTime.

This project is a fork of the popular Airtime platform, which continues to give community support to this professional radio production platform through the Internet.

Within the integration works we found an issue with the package silan in Debian and Ubuntu which with the distributed version it generates certain details in the detection of the length of the tracks added to the library, which is a known error that we can solve by building versions higher than 0.3.3 for the supported operating systems.

For what we backported silan of the last LTS of Ubuntu, (Bionic 18.04) that contains silan-0.3.3 to

  • Trustry – 14.04
  • Xenial – 16.04

In the same way we build the Debian Sid backport that contains silan-0.4.0 to

  • Jessie – 8
  • Stretch – 9

Email – rDNS / DMARC / SPF / DMKI

Last but not least we would like to mention that during this stage we dedicated time and resources in the monitoring and compliance process of the regulations and high standards that govern the transportation and validation of email communications due to the hosting service we provide.

For which we have overcome a long list of requirements and tests from various suppliers and authorities, from the most basic to the much more specialized.

However, despite complying with the vast majority of requirements, this work has not yet finished, for which we are in constant communication with SendGrid, our email provider to ensure a stable and uninterrupted communication.

As you can see, even though we have not been able to keep up with the spotlights, the behind-the-scenes work does not stop in the search for constant improvement, so we reaffirm our commitment to continue offering efficient and quality services.

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to engage them.

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