¡Nextcloud 14 arrived!

This week we had the publication of Nextcloud 14, very close to the Nextcloud conference, becoming the most advanced version of Nextcloud to date.

Nextcloud 14 brings with it a series of security improvements, changes in compliance with the GDRP, collaborative work and a better level of distribution with the Federation 2.0, as well as a lot of integration work in its new Talk platform that was published in this year.

Incremental Release

One of the reasons why, even though Nextcloud 14 is officially published and still does not reach most of the servers, it is due to the fact that it follows a gradual update release policy which is incremental by 20%, allowing to detect possible incidents or errors in a localized way, allowing to find them and solve them to prevent them from reaching the stable and production versions.

Talk and Collaborative Applications

We have noticed a lot of interest in the development of Talk which now in addition to the new 2 step authentication, by SMS, Telegran or Signal, can be used to confirm the identity of the person with a video call, before the password of some file be shared, so you can avoid security failures by unattended equipment that could be being used by third parties, among some other features such as

  • The ability to share files through chat
  • Allow multiple chats in different browser tabs
  • Conversations can be set at the beginning of the conversation list
  • Chat works without requesting camera or microphone.
  • Now participants can be @mentioned in the chat

Another function that we find very useful for productive platforms, is to be able to place comments within shared files, so that it facilitates interaction and communication between work teams.

For our part we are prepared for the migration of stable installations in version 13, especially to confirm that the migration meets all the apps that are part of the workflow.

We invite you to review the official publication to learn more about it

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