Jitsi and Unified Plan

Earlier we talked about the importance of choosing and investing in products that have support, maintenance as well as a schedule of Updates constant. This time we will talk about Jitsi Meet, an excellent videoconference platform developed under an Open Source license, recently acquired by 8×8 Inc., a North American telecommunications company.

The issue corresponds to the migration that Google is making in the implementation of WebRTC technology in its products and platforms, specifically in the Google Chrome browser.

As communicated by the WebRTC project:

Google is planning to transition Chrome’s WebRTC implementation from the current SDP format (called “Plan B”) to a standards conformant format (“Unified Plan”, draft-ietf-rtcweb-jsep) over the next couple of quarters.


These changes have already been applied in the latest update of Google Chrome 72, so if your version of the Jitsi Meet framework is less than build 3508 , this one will not work.

Common error

Jitsi Meet is developing a migration plan so that when Plan B becomes obsolete, the way Jitsi takes WebRTC resources in Google Chrome will be up to date when Unified Plan is finally implemented.

In Software IT & Networks Ltd , even when Google Chrome is not our recommended browser, we are aware of its popularity among users, so our maintenance service is key preventing the suspension of its activities with his team working for these changes typical of the evolution in technology behind the platform.

Remember, the updates are a key part of an effective maintenance routine, not only bring new functions, but also correct security, stability and often compatibility failures.

If you have difficulties with your platform, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly review your case.

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