Trisquel Etiona, comming soon

This last quarter of 2019 we will be focusing on LTSP one of the first projects that we officially implement.

LTSP, Linux Terminal Server Project , is an excellent thin client system for libraries, computer and media classrooms, educational environments and specific business environments, offering the benefits of standardization, maintenance centralization and savings on equipment renewal cycles, increasing the sustainability of these environments.

For this purpose, we are looking at Etiona , the next version of Trisquel GNU / Linux to be published, which is based on Ubuntu LTS.

What is Trisquel?
Trisquel GNU / Linux is a completely free operating system for home users, small businesses and educational centers.

Trisquel is one of the most popular GNU / Linux distributions recognized as completely free , effective since 2008 in its current format, said that we use internally in Software, IT & Networks Ltd , since its foundation.

Therefore we are joining the development team to collaborate in the delivery of Etiona corresponding to version 9 of this operating system, which has been delayed during 2019

With this collaboration we hope to have a solid base system which is conducive to future implementation projects such as LTSP 19+.

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