After our server update cycle we identified that the QJI installer presented operational details related to the latest version published Jitsi Meet, as well as some external modules that complement its operation.

We thus arrive with this 7.4 update of the QJI (Quick Jibri Installer) where the operation of the installer configuration and the supported modules is corrected, cleaned and improved.

Among some changes you can find,

  • brand cleanup update “brandless branding
  • removal of deprecated functions
  • Grafana backend configuration update
  • splitting jibri.conf configuration file from installer
  • general code style improvement

We invite you to keep your installation updated to be able to enjoy the platform’s improvements in performance and stability, in some cases to reinstall your server to update your Jitsi Meet configuration and have an updated format to the new versions of Jitsi Meet and avoid compatibility issues with new versions for the future.

InSoftware, IT & Networks, we thank those who acquire our maintenance and support services, since they are the ones who allow us to finance the development of this tool that is Free Software, and may be available for use under such terms.

We remain at your service, looking forward to long and productive video conferences.