Local ownCloud / Nextcloud Server Setup


OwnCloud / Nextcloud Server


ownCloud : 10

Nextcloud : 12


Users: No restrictions

Hosting: According to Server

Transfer: Unlimited

Availability: Per Server


Server not included.

With pleasure we can quote you a team as a server that fits your needs and budget.


Consult the requirements.


The use of a local server allows complete access and control over the data and information that it hosts. It also allows local administration quickly and efficiently.


It allows you to easily configure the server to configure backup systems, storage arrays, and so on.


The use of this server requires the use of a connection to local network or through Internet access to synchronize and distribute the data through the network.


Also to ensure the continuity of the service suggests the implementation of a policy that ensures the continuity of the operation of the sources of electric power supply.



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