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SwITNet’s Trisquel 9.0 edition (2021.09)

Trisquel GNU/Linux is a fully free operating system for home users, small enterprises and educational centers.

Being Trisquel, a completely free distribution is one of the distros recommended and supported by the FSF, for this great differentiator of being based solely on free software, removing blobs from the kernel, as well as anti-functions, we consider it to be one of the few distributions that propose a free and safe digital environment for personal, educational and SME use.

Even for an excellent base for custom customization.

Changes in this edition

With a mind on the synergy that can be achieved using free software under a customized arrangement, this edition is focused on the most common equipment, which is amd64 architecture.
Here is a list of changes present in this edition,

  • We use exclusively of official repositories of the project.
  • Enabled backports repository by default
  • Update all packages to their latest release version
  • Installation of custom applications, libreoffice 7.2 (complete suite) to mention a few.
  • Application replacement,
    • transmission > deluge
    • viewnior > gthumb
  • Removal of electrum & pidgin from the default installation.
  • Having discarded the option to install via netinstaller, please use the dedicated netinstaller image.

Download SwITNet’s Trisquel 9.0 edition (2021.09)

ISO imagetrisquel_9.0_amd64-2021.09.iso
MD5 sumc30d02c60b32b64d440d60eca8bf7455Last update – 10/11/2021

Disclaimer: This program is distributed free of charge in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

Quick Jibri Installer

In Software, IT & Networks we develop and maintain our fast installer for Jitsi Meet, specifically Jitsi Meet from the hand of Jibri, the component that allows recording of the video conference room.

Dark Mode

quick-jibri-installer (this link opens in a new window) by switnet-ltd (this link opens in a new window)

Bash installer for Jitsi Meet along with Jibri on *buntu LTS based systems | Documentation Available at the Wiki

Our installer includes several add-ons that extend platform functionality and capabilities, as well as platform tools.

  • Jibri service pre-configured
  • Jibri Recordings Management via Nextcloud – Jibri Recordings Access (JRA) via Nextcloud
  • Etherpad plugin
  • Grafana
  • Additional Jibri Node Installer
  • among a variety of other plugins and tools

This project is developed under a free software model, since it can be used and shared for any purpose, in the same way it is thanks to clients who acquire maintenance services, dedicated support and the development of new functions upon request that ensure its continuous development.

Download Quick Jibri Installer

ZIP FileMaster

Git repository

Disclaimer: This program is distributed free of charge in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.