Just last week it has been made the Elastic Stack 6.4.1 release, in which we find Elasticsearch, which is the search engine used by Full Text Search the text search application in Nextcloud.

This update fixes several errors to mention the most important,

Bug Fixes

Elasticsearch can once again start if any shards on the node have been rolled over. #33394

 Similarly, ReadOnlyREST has recently released version 1.6.27 of its plugin which integrates JWT and several improvements,


  • New Feature [JWT] external validator: it’s now possible to avoid storing the private key in settings
  • Enhancement Support for ES/Kibana 6.4.1
  • Enhancement Rewritten big part of ES plugin documentation
  • Enhancement SAML Single log out flow
  • among others


Due to the importance of these changes we have updated the docker image that integrates these tools used in the Nextcloud application, Full Text Search App.

We invite you to update your docker image to prevent errors in your Full Text Search application.
We remain at your orders for support on your platform.