We continue to support the Jitsi Meet installer, one of the best (if not the best) platform available in the Free Software and Open Source ecosystem in videoconferencing.

In this update we are including an installer that allows us to have an option to view the performance of the platform, and for this medium purpose we opted for Grafana.

Today there are many “viewers” of the information generated by the Videobridge,

  • Grafana
  • Netdata

We went with Grafana since it uses by default a database that can be audited in the long term, as well as our change to PostgreSQL in the JRA plugin was thought to be able to use it as part of the installer, unfortunately this combination still has details to be solved and so we return to the options recommended by the provider of said solution.

For this addon we want to thank the work of Igor Kerstges who kindly allowed us to build on his excellent integration tutorial:

How-to to setup Grafana dashboards to monitor Jitsi, my comprehensive tutorial for the beginner

Being able to simplify it even more with this new plugin, we also thank the user “mephisto” who has published his own panel (Dashboard) for Jitsi Meet which we have implemented for said installer, we appreciate his contribution to the public.

Jitsi Meet Dashboard by mephisto


Ubuntu 20.04 by ubuntu.com

It is also known that Ubuntu 20.04 is a couple of months old since its publication and that the development speed for new systems or servers continues to accelerate continuously, so we have applied the necessary changes to support this new LTS version of Ubuntu 20.04 as much as possible.

Unfortunately these changes have not yet fully reached other third-party platforms, so the Jigasi installer Speech to Text transcriber is not yet available.

We welcome any feedback on these changes and hope that this will enable Jibri to run effectively in this new version of LTS Extended Support.

Activating Issues

Last but not least, in the same line of thought regarding feedback, our issues section was kept deactivated because we have invested our effort in using our own Git system with Pagure, an innovative completely free advanced system developed with RHEL sponsorship.

However, this task is taking more than we would like necessary, so we have reactivated the Issues section in the current GitHub repository so that we can follow up on incidents that users of our installer might encounter.

We continue with our activities and we hope that this will be useful for more and more organizations in need of these platforms today with the new normal, we are in order to offer specialized support services to infrastructure and specific use cases.