We begin the year with information regarding the mandatory migration to the CFDI 4.0 format in the Mexican Republic.

This is due to the Tax Reform of 2022, where after several extensions, the CFDI 4.0 format (Digital Tax Receipt via Internet) is required to be implemented in a mandatory manner for all taxpayers as of January 1, 2023.

As we have previously informed our clients with this change, it is important to have the updated Fiscal Situation Proof (CSF), an official document with the necessary information to be able to issue an Invoice in this new format.

So we take advantage of this opportunity to once again invite our national clients to send their corresponding documentation to avoid incidents in their monthly billing starting in 2023.

This migration in the format does not have changes that affect foreign clients at this time, so if updates are presented during the fiscal year we will be reporting in accordance with them.

In advance, we appreciate your preference and trust, remaining at your disposal through the usual channels.