As we mentioned during the month of October, we began a migration from GitHub to a local git forge powered by Forgejo.

Now in December we are pleased to report that we have completed this migration and we are publishing updates and changes with which we have reactivated the development of our projects to a large extent. This is reflected in the publication of an update to quick-jibri-installer (QJI) and the publication of simple-opensearch-installer (SOI).

quick-jibri-installer – v7.3

This new version of QJI brings a series of improvements in the code style and functionality of the installer, as well as the inclusion of a feature that had been overlooked in the last updates, we are talking about Excalidraw, the component that allows the use of a whiteboard like feature.

Perfect when trying to enrich an explanation of a topic through graphic representations.

At the time of writing we are already working on the next version of QJI that will allow the reduction of the use of Google software in the installation.

Just as the main branch continues to receive updates and minor maintenance fixes since the release of version 7.3.

simple-opensearch-installer – v1.0

We resumed the development of a script in which we collaborated for the Nextcloud VM, and it is the OpenSearch installer in its 1.x branch, which coincides with the version of the simple-opensearch-installer (SOI) v1.0.0.

It is through OpenSearch 1.x that you can continue using applications that require a search engine with the support of the now discontinued ElasticSearch OSS 7.x version

This installer served as the Nextcloud VM engine for a few less than a couple of years until Fulltextsearch, the application in Nextcloud, migrated to using ElasticSearch 8.x exclusively, so this script was replaced.

Through the SOI, we intend to continue providing support for the installer given that due to its compatibility with ES 7.x it continues to be a current platform, and still widely used in various areas.

Currently support for OpenSearch version 2.x is not contemplated, however we will continue to explore this possibility.

It is with this pair of announcements that we want to begin the month of December and with it the end of 2023, year which has given us the opportunity to continuously improve in favor of the development and offer of libre, quality tools with a high meaning of social responsibility.

With the above we want to thank our clients for their trust in installation, maintenance or migration services, which allow us to maintain the development of active projects.

As usual, we remain at your service.