Software, IT & Networks

We are pleased to report that the server update cycle that we have communicated to our clients would take place in the month of June has been successfully completed.

With this update it is possible for us to increase the volume of information that we can process, host and provide to our clients through our different services, among the main ones are

  • Synchronization Systems via Nextcloud
  • POS Systems via Odoo
  • Video conferencing powered by Jitsi Meet
  • Web Design and Web Hosting

Within this update cycle we migrate to new service infrastructure such as our forge instance powered by Forgejo which hosts our Git projects, and can be accessed publicly.

Likewise, the mirror servers to community projects were migrated to offer an improvement in their bandwidth, standardizing our servers with Trisquel 11.0, code name “Aramo”.

This comes hand in hand with an update of the critical software for the administration of our services, in the same way we have identified issues in projects such as the installer Quick Jibri Installer, which needs adjustments to integrate correctly with the latest version of JItsi Meet.

Finally, we would like to inform you that we are resuming the publication of Trisquel GNU/Linux ISO images in our “SwITNet edition”, now including the new version of Trisquel 11.0.1, which which allows you to obtain a test image with the environment updated up to the publication date, offering a modern experience of both versions from our Downloads page.

Remember that you can find the official Trisquel GNU/Linux images at any time from:

With this complete cycle we continue to advance in modernization and continuous improvement to continue offering reliable and cutting-edge services in the productivity of our team and clients.

We appreciate your preference and trust.