We reach the last days of 2023, and this is where it inevitably becomes a time to look back and see all the changes that were left behind now forming part of yesterday.

From new projects, changes and migrations, colleagues who arrive and those who leave, all these changes leave us with a learning, a lesson and become teachers on the path we travel.

In 2023 we receive a wake-up call regarding the commitment we wish to implement regarding the business development model around free software, and although it would be easier to try to rationalize our actions in this regard and do nothing about it. It is important to recognize the areas in which we can improve, this has led us to make some fundamental changes and reinforce our privacy policies and use of third-party services among which some are,

  • Privacy improvement of our sites, removing the use of Google Fonts remotely.
  • Deprecating the use of proprietary services (SaaS) such as Google ReCaptcha in our contact forms.
  • Removing the promotion of products that recommend the use of third-party services
  • Complete the much-delayed migration of our official Github repository to our own infrastructure, now powered by Forgejo.

This way we reinforce our commitment to the use of free technologies and respectful of the privacy of users and clients, in a world more hungry for information / data for consumption of commercial campaigns or the so called “Artificial Intelligence“.

For this reason, we make a public invitation to consider these principles within your list of priorities for 2024, since responsible use / consumption of technology improves your security, privacy and autonomy around your digital world.

From our part, we will continue working to provide a commercial service with reasonable rates, quality and value for your economic activity. Responsible for your security, privacy, and autonomy.

Clear, simple, reliable – ¡Let’s talk!

Software, IT & Networks

To all our clients, colleagues, friends and the extended family around Software, IT & Networks we wish you an excellent and productive 2024, with the opportunity to materialize your goals and objectives.

Happy new year 2024!