Released Nextcloud 13

Starting this 2018, we have the release of 13.

The best platform for distribution and synchronization of files over the Internet in the world of Free Software and Open Source and one of the best competitors in the business market, Nextcloud makes this launch with special emphasis on:

  • New interface
  • Collaboration
  • Security (Point-to-Point Encryption)
  • Workflow
  • Better performance

and one of the most expected integrations,

  • Nextcloud Talk

The collaborative module that allows the interaction of Nextcloud users via videoconference, and chat. Allowing a real-time collaboration as well as more integrated with Nextcloud among users, more information on this in your official page .

This establishes Nextcloud as the most advanced and secure free software solution and open source at the business level, compared to the rest of the market.

If you already use a storage and synchronization solution or think about implementing this solution for your productive tasks, we invite you to know what you can do Nextcloud for you and as you can count on our experience and advice in this transition.

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