February and http2

Last December was a month full of releases of new versions.

  • Nextcloud, along with release 15.
  • PHP, announcing v7.3
  • Collabora, releasing CODE version 4.
  • ElasticSearch, and the ES 6.5.x version
  • WordPress and their version 5.

With all this inertia we could not miss the opportunity to bet on the benefit of our customers giving way to all these new technologies, and with more than a month of testing we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of http2 across our range of hosting,

  • Websites / CMS
  • ERP platforms / POS
  • Hosting based on Nextcloud

With the availability of this new technology you can get more out of your service plan than http2 can offer in the communication of your platform with the end user,

  • Binary
  • Multiplexed
  • Use of the same connection
  • Header compression
  • Allows active resources push

If an image says more than a thousand words, David Attard sums it up excellently.

David Attard – css-tricks.com

We believe that 2019 is a great opportunity to support the productivity of your business in your digital platforms, counting on that in Software, IT & Networks Ltd will take care of offering and maintaining the best solution according to your business needs.

Do you have any doubt about it? Feel free to contact us .

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