Excellent news for the followers and users of our installer Quick Jibri Installer .

As we discussed in our last post,

In our last changes we recovered the implementation of the Jigasi transcriber which had undergone a re-implementation by the developers, leaving our previous installer without support and with very little documentation on the matter.

Quick Jibir Installer – 4.0

Which brings us to this new installment with the release of version 4.0 in which we solve one of the gaps that prevented easy scalability and its respective synchronization.

In previous versions we worked aiming at an standalone architecture, which is useful in environments with a relatively low demand for Jibri, our decision to prefer the use of a local access system powered by Nextcloud instead of the Dropbox-based solution kept a gap in a scalable solution.

Enters on scene the implementation of an automatic synchronization system which, thanks to our previous installer of additional nodes add-jibri-node.sh , allows us to close this gap.

Based on,

  • rsync
  • inotifywatch
  • communication via highly encrypted RSA keys

We perform a stable and incremental client-server synchronization that, thanks to the JRA via Nextcloud component, allows access to the videos transferred from the multiple nodes through a secure web interface.

Multiple nodes syncing in the Jitsi Record directory


In the QJI 4.0 design process we developed tools that would allow us to resolve some preliminary details for existing installations.

Jibri Conf Upgrade

In mid-2020, the Jibri configuration format went from JSON to its new format in HOCON, for which we developed jibri-conf-upgrade.sh that will be able to migrate previous QJI installations from to the new format.
Note : New installations made with QJI are configured in HOCON by default.

Test Jibri Environment

We consider time to be a valuable resource, so finding the details that could be blocking the use of Jibri needs to be an efficient and relatively reliable task, by automating the testing of the environment in which Jibri is running, offering important details and a small score that will give an idea of ​​the current state of the environment.

With Quick Jibri Installer 4.0 our clients and users will be able to count on a suite that makes the installation and administration of Jitsi Meet simple, efficient and greatly reducing headaches.

The publication of QJI 4.0 could not have been made without the preference of clients who favor us with the acquisition of development, installation and / or maintenance services, for which we appreciate your trust by providing efficient and quality services, we remain at your service awaiting your activities benefit with it.