We have reached May 2021, and the world continues to respond to the global challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So we have great news for Jitsi Meet users who have it as part of their telecom and video conferencing solution.

On April 15, the new stable update (jitsi-meet 2.0.5765) of this great platform was received, since its inception Jitsi Meet has been the best videoconferencing platform of the Free Software and Open Source options, as well as one of the better options among others from companies like Zoom, Google, to name a few.

The changes in this version are a lot and very varied, so it would be very difficult to try to summarize all these changes, however among the changes that we consider most important for the end user we can mention,

  • New blur system
  • Support for wallpaper.
  • Button to mute video of all participants.
  • New tool button design


  • Improved iOS support
  • Improved support for Safari
  • Jibri now records in Full HD (1080) resolution
  • Improved management of high-volume rooms.

In this section you will find a more detailed list of the changes,


Quick Jibri Installer 6.0

Unfortunately, these changes were not compatible with version 5 of our installer, so after 2 weeks of intense work we have released version 6.0 of our installer that resolves various installation details in the sense

We consider that the most important change with this release is that support for Ubuntu 16.04 ends .

Continuing with Bionic (18.04) and Focal (20.04) as the supported versions.

New Jitsi Meet interface

So with a new interface, great improvements in the efficiency of the platform and better resolutions, Jitsi Meet 2.0.5765 is currently the best version available on platforms based on free software.

Remember that if you want to use the version available online free of charge, you can use it on the site offered by the Jitsi Meet team and 8×8, Inc. at meet.jit.si,

On the other hand, if you require a customized solution through self-hosting, we invite you to give QJI 6.0 a test.

We appreciate the trust of customers who request installation, maintenance or migration services, which help keep the development of the Quick Jibri Installer active.