We are back to improving our Quick Jibri Installer installer, with the release of version 7.0.

This version represents a necessary and expected quality improvement in the base, as well as compliance with BASH syntax guidelines and various minor corrections in the installation scripts for certain components.

Among the changes we can mention,

Changelog – v7.0


  • Add experimental tool for AWS grub setup.


  • Fix grafana configuration
  • Actually apply changes to nginx conf instead of symlink.
  • Actually require to run with admin rights.
  • Improve comments.
  • Rename and fix set_once function.
  • Fix jibri domain.


  • Comply mode section with shellcheck recommendations.
  • Comply tools section with shellcheck recommendations.
  • Comply main scripts with shellcheck recommendations.
  • Improve shell quality
  • Change JDK version to 11
  • Make warning visible.
  • Change email position, and small fixes
  • Several indenting changes
  • Set warning instead of “note”.
  • Yet again more fixes on echo and printf
  • Standarize jra_nextcloud
  • Add comment on debconf state
  • Update SwITNet copyright and standarize debug option for scripts.


  • Rename deprecated scripts folder
  • Remove old
  • Remove unused code
  • Finally remove jigasi deprecated script.

Jitsi Meet has had excellent progress so far in 2022, from

  • Implementation of Breakout Rooms
  • Migrations in the base of the Java virtual machine to its version 11
  • Upgrade to Prosody 12
  • The implementation of a Chat in the Lobby

Even adding a podcast with interviews to various developers and project leaders,

Being today Jitsi Meet the platform with the best performance in videoconferences for large volumes of development.

We appreciate the trust of customers that request installation, maintenance or migration services, which allow us to keep the development of the Quick Jibri Installer active.