Multilingual Support

These months of February and March had been cicles with plenty activity on the development and improving of the Nextcloud implementation.

Nevertheless we would like to use this opportunity to announce the Multilanguage support for our website, allowing us to reach beyond our land and language borders inside this competitive world.

At Software, IT & Networks Ltd, we already have a long history contributing on localization projects for several Free Software applications, now Nextcloud included, for what we considered it was a natural step for us to enable the multilanguage support on our platform for one of the most used languages in the world, English.

At the time of writing, our localization process is about to be fully completed, so you may still find some areas pending localization, even though the core site is completed, as our online store and static content.

This way at Software, IT & Networks Ltd, we hope to offer a better experience on our platform to our readers and clients, local and foreign while joining the network that links the world and develop opportunities that can be experienced on this global economy.

Bienvenido, y siéntase como en casa.

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